This project comprised of a new pizzeria, bathroom amenities, staircase, lift and cool room. The interior palette chosen by our colleagues at EJE Architecture enabled us to transform what had become a tired and dark space into what I am sure you will agree is a sophisticated, bright, and energetic environment.

Quality craftmanship and attention to detail were paramount throughout the project and can be evidenced by the final high-quality product and the glowing review from our Client. PDA Building were required to think outside-the-box due to the multiple design changes and the various project complexities. One such instance was the excavation of the lift pit from within the existing structure; to complete this we were required to break a small excavator down into pieces and then reassemble it once inside. To ensure that there were no time delays we then assembled a series of conveyor belts to remove the soil from within the building. Conscious to have the project impact our client as little as possible and for them to be able to continue trade throughout, we constructed a temporary entrance including a wheelchair accessible ramp at the rear of the building whilst the lift and staircase were being erected at the front entrance. Further, to avoid security concerns when an external wall was required to be removed PDA Building first constructed the new exterior wall and roof before removing that which was existing from within the building, ensuring the structure remained sealed at all times. Safety is of critical importance to our team and as such we ensured that COVID requirements including social distancing and quality hygiene were a priority whilst competing this project during the Scone RSL’s continued operation.

The resulting build is evidence of PDA Buildings core values of quality workmanship, a commitment to Client and a focus on finding solutions to achieve results. We are proud of what our project has given to Scone RSL and hopefully the wider community.



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